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Accepting New Residents!

Come join the family at Johnson Creek Village!

  Deciding where to call home is an important process, and there’s much to consider along the way. We are a new state-of-the-art community with many years of experience specializing in the memory care industry.  We help make the decision easier by offering all the amenities that the most discerning of Residents expect and deserve. 

Johnson Creek Village offers a no-cost, stress free assessment which can be done at our facility or in the convenience of your loved one’s home.  One of our RNs will discuss what to expect through the process; what to expect with Alzheimer’s and dementia; from manifestations of unpredictable behavior and resistance to care and other challenges caregivers face.  We know it's hard and a tough decision to make with this type of transition- whether it's the first time or with an existing environment that wasn't ideal.  

We can be the resource and support system you need to ease through the difficult decisions for all your family members and friends. 

The assessment will allow you to understand your pricing per month, available move-in dates, list of clinical and business contacts associated with JCV and expectations of doctor’s evaluation prior to moving into JCV.  Our goal is to make this as easy and seamless as possible to our future Resident’s and their families.  Contact us to set up an in person meeting to discuss YOUR needs.  We're here for you. 

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Layout and Design


Residents can choose from a private room with one bed or a two-bedroom shared space.

We encourage our Residents to bring certain items from home into their room so it can feel like home.  We want your loved one to have personalized touches to create their personal living experience, which could include enjoying certain music, decor, pictures, pillows, a favorite book or game.  


Safety and Security

Johnson Creek Village takes great pride to provide Residents with a safe and secure environment that meets all of their needs.  We believe the attention to details of design and your surroundings can make a difference in more than just feeling secure.  

The entire village is secure and the natural light throughout helps our Residents feel and see the open space from their rooms to the common areas.  Short hallways are homelike and we have carefully planned colors and themes throughout the building to help for visual cues to stimulate memory and mood and help Residents feel at home.


Keeping our Dignity intact

State-of-the-art video and security systems are in place inside and out, monitored 24-hours a day, seven days a week.  For enhanced safety, our doors that are Resident accessible have electronic door security inside and outside to help protect those Residents prone to wandering.  Our goal is to keep all Residents happy and safe while keeping their dignity intact and a comfort knowing friends and family are with them at all times.