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Brain Healthy Nutrition

We provide a modifiable nutrition plan with three meals a day plus snacks featuring farm fresh foods and produce that promote healthy living and an enriched lifestyle. In addition, we do support and follow medically ordered diet restrictions defined in each Resident's care plan.  

Understanding Nutrition

Farm Fresh Meals

The team at JCV believes in the importance of farm-fresh nutrition - stimulating smells to enhance the senses, a choice of meals for a variety of tastes, balanced nutrition and family-style dining to promote social, interactive behavior.  We will utilize fresh food and produce from our local community farms as much as possible.  The desire to promote healthy eating is supported by our entire staff.  


Our Chefs will be incorporating the MIND diet.  (Mediterranean- Intervention for Neurodegenerative Delay); which reduces the risk of dementia and the decline in brain health that people often experience as they age.  There are nutrients that have been linked to improving brain health and we include them in our meals.

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Family Style Dining

Our Residents will experience family-style dining, gathered around a table filled with warmth and love, sharing wholesome foods made from fresh ingredients. Our commitment to healthy diets and a social, family environment is a part of what makes Johnson Creek Village a unique and nurturing place to live.