Supporting a cognitive, physical, and social lifestyle  while encouraging independence.
Johnson Creek Village in Dover

Staying Active Mind & Body

Supporting a Healthy Cognitive, Physical, and Social lifestyle where Independence is encouraged, and family is an integral part of wellness.

“You don't stop laughing because you grow old. You grow old because you stop laughing.”

- Michal Pritchard

Encouraging Independence Through Activities



Staying active is important at every age, but it’s particularly important for seniors. During the aging process our ability to walk, move, and balance all diminish. This can make it more challenging for seniors to tackle normal, everyday activities.

As a result, quality of life and independence may suffer. That’s why it’s key to include a variety of physical activities into daily life.


While physical exercise is essential, there's more to leading a healthy, active lifestyle as a senior which include social gatherings and other types of enrichment programs.

  • “High Tea” – a weekly fancy affair, complete with fine china! 
  • "Legacy Project" to capture memories and inspire personal art

  • Cognitive word games
  • Inter-generational activities
  • Exercise/stretching classes

The Family Connection


  • Family Input – prior to admission we request a resident biography, where the family assists in completing each individual’s care plan. 
  • Portal access - Our secure portal allows distant family members to remain in touch, where pictures are available 
  • WiFi & Computer Terminals – enable Skype calls with family and friends, as well as email access.
  • Family Engagement -Families are encouraged to actively participate programs and events
  • Family Questionnaire - provide input and info about their loved ones