It takes a Village!


Caring like no other, see what others had to say...

"Kindness and Professionalism"

Linda J. Knight R.N., B.S.N.

Janneth Black was a Nurse that I met in 1992 when we both worked as Home Care Nurses for Kokua Nurses in Honolulu. I was very impressed by her knowledge and compassion in the Hospice area.

In 1994 I started an Adult Residential Home and in 1996, Jan opened a similar facility next door.  We ran these homes beside each other from 1996-2016 caring for frail, elderly people upwards of 85 yrs. old. Jan is a wonderful Caregiver specializing in Geriatrics, Dementia & Hospice Care. She is a caring and professional Nurse, always considerate and supportive of her client’s families and her employees.


Janneth Black and I had a collaborative relationship for 20 yrs as neighboring R.N.s running Senior Living Homes helping each other daily. This was invaluable to my survival as a Caregiver!

I am happy to reference Janneth as a very competent R.N. & Caregiver. She is the kind of R.N. that I would entrust the care of my own Mother.

Martha Wacker R.N., Case Management Services

I have known Jan for over 20 years.  In that time, I have come to respect and admire her as a colleague and friend and happy to reference her great work.  Jan is a Registered Nurse who observes the highest standards of care in her practice.  She has many years of experience in hospital, clinic, and senior living.  She is a knowledgeable and compassionate caregiver who understands the needs of her patients and strives to given them the best possible care.

In my capacity as a Geriatric Case Manager, I placed and supervised clients in Jan’s Adult Residential Care Home in Honolulu for many years.  My clients, all elderly and frail, received the highest quality of care throughout their stay, and through hospice and transition at end of life.  Jan also communicated warmly and knowledgeably with the families of my clients, and I never had a complaint about the care in her home.

Jan also hires and trains staff with the highest caliber of training and expertise to care for the elderly.  She makes sure that they are prepared to meet patients’ medical, social, and psychological needs through regular in-service education and daily conferences about her patients’ care needs.  She is a fair and exacting employer.  

In addition to her skills in running a Residential Care Home, Jan has been involved in numerous church and community activities.  She gives freely of her time and resources, and invests in relationships that strengthen and enrich the lives of others, many of whom are less fortunate than herself.  She is a reliable and generous person of good character, always willing to lend a hand.  She is also a loving mother of two children and a beloved grandson.

In summary, I highly recommend Janneth Black for any position or situation that she wishes to attain. She would be an asset to any business or undertaking.