We focus on the whole person not the disease.

Our personalized Holistic Approach integrates the best geriatric practices with each residents’ prescribed medical regimen to promote self-healing and slow the progress of Alzheimer’s and other forms of Dementia, improving their potential. 

Our customized care plans allow our seniors to maintain as much independence as possible while receiving assistance with everyday activities.

Our 4 Pillars of Integrated Holistic Therapies

Brain-Healthy Nutrition

Animal Assisted Interventions

Animal Assisted Interventions


Farm-fresh, healthy food matters!

A brain healthy, balanced diet is a vital part of of holistic living. Johnson Creek Village offers modifiable nutrition plans under the guidance of Executive Chef, Buddy Haller, former founder and owner of the Blue Strawberry restaurant in Portsmouth, NH. 

We offer: 

  • Family style dining incorporating the MIND diet (Mediterranean Intervention for Neurodegenerative Delay).
  • Seasonal Farm-fresh foods and healthy snacks, infused water and naturally brewed herbal teas.

Animal Assisted Interventions

Animal Assisted Interventions

Animal Assisted Interventions


Therapy Dogs helping to achieve prescribed goals

Johnson Creek Village in Dover has designed a structured Animal Assisted Intervention program in partnership with local service organization Elderpet. Based on a customized assessment, specific goals are created that align with a prescribed therapeutic intervention, and a Pet Partner Therapy team is assigned along with a trained JCV staff member.  Each intervention is tracked and added to the resident's care plan.

In addition to holistic therapeutic interventions, animals provide comfort for depression, anxiety, dementia and more, depending on the needs. They also help release endorphins that produce a calming effect which can in turn help alleviate pain, reduce stress and improve your overall well-being.

Music Therapy

Music Therapy

Music Therapy


Music, Memory and Engagement

A key element of memory care will be daily music therapy to stimulate healthy brain function, serve as a vehicle for personal expression, social connection and to enhance the quality of life.

Johnson Creek Village designs individual and group programs, working closely with Dover-based Sonatina Center, whose expertise is on the applications and outcomes of creative arts therapy. Our robust music programs feature:

  • Evidence-based, professionally delivered programs by clinically trained therapists
  • Individualized programs to stimulate memories and elicit positive emotional well-being
  • Group programs encouraging resident participation through singing and instruments
  • Guest performances by local musicians to include a variety of genres


Music Therapy

Music Therapy


Essential Oils to Reduce Symptoms and Enhance Healthy Living and Well-being

Johnson Creek Village utilizes aromatic essential oils to enhance the health and function of the body, mind and spirit. We partner with a local advisor from DoTerra Essential Oils as they are aligned with JCV’s Integrated Holistic Approach, their company composed of board certified physicians from around the world who are leaders in integrative healthcare. Our Aromatherapy program includes:

  • Comforting and calming gentle back and hand massages
  • Diffusing oils in public spaces and individual rooms on a case by case basis
  • Welcome gift upon admission including mini oil kit/key chain customized to preferences on a case by case basis
  • Utilized by staff for immune support and sanitizing oil products

At Johnson Creek Village, our Holistic approach augments our Residents’ prescribed medication regimen with adjunctive therapies that are essential for exceptional quality of life.