Johnson Creek Village, Holistic Senior Living

Design and Layout

"Where it's all about family"


Built and Designed with Home in Mind

Community Neighborhood

Johnson Creek Village  is designed with your Holistic Care in mind. Superior care, enhancing lifestyle and health care management is our Goal. From the open-kitchen design to the sunlit Solarium with sweetly chirping birds, our specially designed living spaces allow line-of-site of residents to increase better interaction, activity and safety for everyone.

Special attention was given to building construction for line-of-sight observation with a single floor layout and quad-like design.

The building of Johnson Creek will eventually include two apartments on site, which at the outset will be occupied by owners and senior staff.  This close proximity will contribute to the personalized care and attention of the staff.

  • Private and Semi Private rooms available. We also admit married couples in same room, keeping them together if varying levels of care needed
  • Comfortable seating, safe and secure flooring for easy ambulation, non-institutionalized lighting adds a home-like décor as do the wide hallways serving each neighborhood. 
  • A shared, dedicated, neighborhood suite is available to each community for entertaining, playing games and/or group gatherings.  
  • Communal Dining is provided to a sit-down arrangement with staff delivery of the meal to the resident, family-style. In-room dining available as well as meal accommodations for residents’ families.
  • Short hallways & bright colors stimulate and create a warm, welcoming environment for activities, family visits and social interaction.  
  • A salon, solarium, great room and den decorated as a home provides comfort and creates and/or rekindles memories. 

Each room is equipped with double windows, cushioned window seats, private and semi-private bathrooms, full walk-in showers, two closets with cabinets and bookcases plus table and chairs for semi-private family visits in your room. 

Safe and Secure

State-of-the-art design where Technology ensures Home Security and Safety for your Loved Ones at all times.

Technology Infrastructure

We have a sophisticated security system and proper access to our facility ensures safety, protection, management of activity and location of our residents at all times.

State-of-the-art design where Technology ensures Home Security and Safety for your Loved Ones

  • Wanderguard technology
  • Electronic medical records system
  • Secured & monitored campus to promote personal safety at all times
  • 24-hour call system in each room and bathroom
  • WiFi & Computer Terminals – enable Skype calls with distant family