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Meet The Team

Janneth Black

Janneth Black, Director of Healthcare

Why did you get into holistic senior living care? 

 I have been providing health care for 40 Years.  After working and delivering geriatric nursing to hundreds of patients, I developed an approach and plan to senior care that resulted in many positive, increased health benefits for my patients.  I truly have a passion for caring for seniors so I wanted to continue with that service.  The most profound outcome of my efforts is that patients who had adopted my healthy diet and other non-pharmacological treatments to their routines, lived an improved quality of life and often lived longer than any doctor expected.  

What brought you to NH? 

I was living in Hawaii, but I really wanted to be closer to my kids and grandchildren here in NH.

What do you want your legacy to be? 

I want JCV and our Practice to become the premier resident haven for folks and families needing care during their struggle with Alzheimer's and other dementias.  

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Aramis Black

Aramis Black, Executive Director

Who truly inspires you?  My Mom.  She's the most courageous, loving, supportive person I know.  The fact that she's never discharged a Resident because their care became too difficult in over 20 years of owning her own assisted living residence speaks volumes about her character.  It has deeply shaped my beliefs of how to truly care for people, loving one another, being patient and supportive with all their needs.  

One thing people would be surprised to know about you?  I worked on a fishing boat in Alaska one summer to help pay for college tuition. 

Favorite hobby?  Playing tennis and basketball with my son. 

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Buddy Haller

Buddy Haller, Executive Chef & Menu Design

Written numerous articles, books, and personal stories about his journey to becoming an award-winning Master Chef.  Buddy owned and operated the Blue Strawberry and is generally credited with kick-starting the culinary life in Portsmouth.  Author of several cookbooks, a food/fitness book, "What to Eat When you Don't Feel Like Eating", a book for feeding terminally ill people and more.  Buddy brings the expertise of not only cooking but affiliations with Seacoast Hospice and the Association for the Blind, teaching unsighted people how to cook.